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Ion Popescu-Negreni - Painting, Graphic Art

The image should be as clear as to match a picture frame; if it’s just penmanship, it limits beholder’s emotion and can’t stimulate imagination. [„Introduction”, p. 6]

Though they think a shape could replace the contents, or that the latter would come out exclusively from the former, I still observe the old, yet all- embracing thesis stating that the artwork is an organic unity between contents and shape.
I used to be and I am still open to the spiritual values received from predecessors, to the effort they made to improve things, to implement beauty, truth and freedom. I used to consider, and still consider, man the major theme art can approach, and I wanted, and still want, to render man in the attitudes defining his/her dignity. [„Introduction”, p. 7]

To ease my consciousness, I wish my thought be con-tent without any rewarded achievement, as I have never betrayed the awareness and belief that life is beautiful in spite of its lights and shadows, joys and sorrows, vain glory and eternal indifference, the cold brilliance of its incessant flow included. [Jan. 28, 1976]

The plastic image is crystallized and spiritually “forged” by balancing both its subjective side with the objective world, as well as the effort with the fight between the inner world and the mirage of the outer world.
In all I made, I tried to be as free as possible: I turned my eyes blind and my ears dumb in front of the allurements falling into the latest trends or into the precious styles elaborated and distributed through modern audiovisual practices, which are images alien to my emotions. [Feb. 10, 1976]

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