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The Other's Skin

Since 2016, Future Museum – as one of the long-term projects of the Czech Centre in Bucharest – offers its space to Romanian artists and their innovative, creative, progressive ideas.
The exhibition of the couple of artists Ana and Sever Petrovici Popescu deals with contemporary issues related to social, political, religious and cultural areas, from aspects of subordination, cannibalization and migration to individual or collective identity.
The works presented expose the “Other” as a self seen through the eyes of others, the concept of “the Other” being used as the core of the exhibition. Whether we are talking about lips, hands, armpits or other parts of the body, the skin is presented as a last layer of protection and also a first catalyst in interactions with others, thus becoming the leitmotif of the exhibition and an actor who plays a unifying role both conceptually and physically.
At the same time, the exhibition can be seen as an experiment. Being the first personal exhibition as a couple, the two artists showed a good relationship both in terms of concept and aesthetics, but also in terms of works that complement and support each other.

Emil Ghita, coordinator of the Future Museum
Robin Ujfaluši, director al Centrului Ceh

The Other`s Skin catalogue can be send for free in pdf format, if you send us your e-mail address.

Author: Ana Petrovici-Popescu
Publishing Year: 2020
Publishing House:
Number of pages: 32