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Contemporary Landscape - 101 Paintings from Florica and Vasile Petrovici collection

Exploring the figurative
Ever since it has been part of the structure of the National Museum of the Union in Alba Iulia, Museikon’s expositional space has been striving to contour its own individuality, through events that remain in the public consciousness through their formative role in the domain of sacred art and old printings. As the first museums – erected in the dawn of modern history – were originally private collections, paying homage to collectors, art collectors in particular, may well represent a strength on the agenda of any contemporary museum, through its contribution towards the enrichment of the national (and, undoubtedly, universal) heritage. The present collection gathers an impressive number of works belonging to artists with resonant names in Romanian art and reflects the manner in which Florica and Vasile Petrovici perceived the artistic initiative in its ensemble (concept, composition, chromatics). It should be noted that, although they belong to different generations of artists, these art works are composed in a unitary manner, become the fresco of an era, of the stylistic approaches practiced by the Romanian school of painting, which makes them relevant for a given historical period. One may speak of an almost archaeological study of identifying artists, but also of collectors who nurture the same passion, Vasile Petrovici being the author of a Dictionary of art collectors in Romania, a volume that facilitates the knowledge and mapping of a huge plastic repertoire belonging to private collections. Extrapolating from literature, one can speak of an ars poetica of the collector, of his ability to lean on the work of art according to norms educated through his own reading and research. The Petrovici collection reveals a stylistic universe of the figurative constructed through nervous or seated touches, knife gestures or graphic overlaps, violets with yellow or green, reddish ochre tempered with grey. Portraits, landscapes and static natures, all recount us an admirably told story, in a universe of the reception (eyes) and of the sensory (soul). The elements of plastic language coexist harmoniously, they enter into a relationship with each other and with the entire work, establishing the relationships that define the unity of the artistic creation. Florica and Vasile Petrovici designed a personal universe and, through the assumed aesthetic canons, they produce a pattern of historicity, a plastic reflection of an era through the informative content offered. The Petrovici collection, beyond the visual information provided, presents a route of the collector in his own becoming, an exploration in a figurative plastic register, building an artistic fresco of the Romanian culture. It celebrates and capitalizes on artistic work and builds an ideal relationship between the reality of matter (painting) and the reality of spirit (perception). Hosting a part of it in the Museikon expositional space honours and enjoys us both, representing a joyful occasion to introduce the Alba Iulia audience and not only into a wonderful universe of form and content.
Daniela Burnete, curator of the exhibition

Author: Petrovici Vasile /Daniela Burnete
Publishing Year: 2020
Publishing House: MEGA/Muzeul Național al Unirii Alba Iulia
Number of pages: 176